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Roof Overlay Project in Edinburgh

With the existing roof having undergone significant wear and tear due to the harsh Scottish weather, our clients commercial premises in Edinburgh was in dire need of refurbishment. Located in the bustling business district of Edinburgh, the existing roof had started showing signs of significant wear and tear due to prolonged exposure to the harsh weather conditions of Scotland and the natural aging process. The client sought a roofing solution that would enhance the building’s weather resistance, improve energy efficiency, and be completed with minimal disruption to the ongoing business activities.

Our Solution

Our roofing team proposed a comprehensive roof overlay system tailored to the needs of the commercial building. This method would reinforce the existing roof structure, providing enhanced protection and energy efficiency without the need for a complete roof replacement.

Having conducted a detailed inspection of the existing roof to identify areas of concern and determine the best overlay approach, we provided the client with detailed planning, ensuring all materials and processes were tailored to the building’s requirements.

The existing roof structure was cleaned and any damage to the roof was repaired to ensure a smooth base for the overlay. This step is crucial for the longevity of the new roofing system and something that all roofing overlay projects should include.

We installed high-quality PIR insulation boards over the existing roof to significantly improve thermal performance, followed by a vapor control layer to prevent moisture issues. We then fitted a TPO Membrane Installation over the insulation. The membrane was chosen for its excellent weather resistance, durability, and energy efficiency properties.

Once the overlay roofing system was fitted, we conducted a thorough inspection to ensure all aspects of the installation met our highest standards of quality and performance.

Project Challenges

Ensuring that the businesses within the premises could continue their operations uninterrupted was a key challenge. The project was carefully scheduled to minimise noise and disturbances, with major works planned outside of business hours where possible. The unpredictable weather in Edinburgh required adaptable scheduling and contingency plans to keep the project on track without compromising quality.

And as always, safety is our highest concern. Our roofers adhered to strict safety protocols throughout the project.

The successful completion of the roof overlay project for this commercial premises in Edinburgh underscores Pro Clad Roofing’s capability to deliver high-quality roofing solutions that meet the specific needs of commercial clients. Our focus on minimising disruption, enhancing energy efficiency, and using durable materials has provided the client with a roofing system that offers long-term benefits and peace of mind. This project highlights our commitment to excellence and our ability to manage complex commercial roofing projects effectively across Scotland.

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