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Cladding Overlay Project in Govan, Glasgow

Overlay Cladding that Boosts Thermal Insulation

Our cladding team have recently completed a new overlay cladding project for a factory located in Govan, Glasgow. The client was wanting to enhance their businesses insulation capabilities to help lower their heating energy costs. They were awarded a grant that helps businesses to reduce energy consumption and improve the overall thermal performance of their facility, so turned to the Pro Clad Roofing team to undertake the necessary upgrades.

Project Challenges

The existing wall cladding of the factory was outdated and lacked sufficient insulation properties. This resulted in heat loss during the colder months in Glasgow and increased energy expenses for the client. With the increased cost of energy in recent years, this was now costing the business a lot of money and needed to be addressed. Moreover, the aesthetic appearance of the factory’s exterior was compromised due to the deteriorating cladding.

With out expertise in roofing and cladding solutions, we were chosen to execute the overclad wall cladding project. The team at Pro Clad Roofing meticulously planned and executed the project, ensuring minimal disruption to the client’s operations while delivering the same high quality results we have built our reputation on over the years.

Overlay Cladding

After conducting a comprehensive assessment of the existing cladding structure to identify areas for improvement and determine the most suitable overcladding solution, we provided the client with our proposal that met the requirements of the grant guidelines. We designed a customised overcladding system that not only enhanced insulation for the factory but also improved the aesthetic appeal of the factory’s exterior.

To ensure that the project was completed to the highest standards, we use high-quality, energy-efficient cladding materials to ensure long-term durability and superior thermal performance.

The installation process was carried out by our team of skilled roofers and cladding installers, adhering to industry best practices and safety standards. The project was completed within the specified timeframe, minimising any disruption to the client’s daily operations.

The benefits of Thermal Overlay Cladding

There are a number of benefits of overlay cladding for commercial and industrial properties in Scotland. With our cold winters and ‘mixed’ summers, effective thermal insulation can save a business significant amounts of money on reduced energy costs. For this particular client in Govan, Glasgow, the new overlay cladding will help with:

  1. Improved Insulation: The overclad wall cladding solution significantly enhances the thermal insulation of the factory, resulting in reduced heat loss and lower energy consumption.
  2. Enhanced Aesthetics: The new cladding system not only improves insulation but also transforms the exterior appearance of the factory, enhancing its visual appeal and creating a more professional image for the client.
  3. Grant Compliance: The project met all the requirements outlined in the grant, ensuring that the client could maximise the benefits of the funding while achieving their sustainability goals.
  4. Client Satisfaction: The client expressed satisfaction with the quality of workmanship and the professionalism demonstrated by Pro Clad Roofing throughout the project. The successful completion of the overclad wall cladding project will substantially help with long-term cost savings and improved operational efficiency for the business.

High Quality Roofing & Cladding Services

By turning to Pro Clad Roofing, the client has benefited from our specialised expertise in cladding installation. The project not only addressed the immediate insulation needs but also contributed to the client’s broader sustainability objectives. Our constant commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has helped us establish ourselves as a trusted partner for so many commercial and industrial businesses in Scotland in delivering high-quality roofing and cladding solutions.

If your business is looking to reduce energy costs then overlay cladding can be a real option that not only enhances the thermal efficiency of your building but can improve its appearance and enhance the protection of the building for all your vital internal assets. With clients across Scotland, we are here to help in any way we can. Contact us to find out more about the benefits of overlay cladding and how you can apply for grants that can help lower the initial cost of cladding work.

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